Mission, Vision, Values


"Contribute for sustainable society through the development of tomorrow’s energy."

Since its establishment as an exploration and production company backed by the Mitsui Group half a century ago, MOECO has been continually devoted to the exploration, development and production of energy resources globally building from the development of our gas projects in offshore Thailand. We are proud to have successfully overcome numerous challenges in our long history to continue to be able today to make a meaningful contribution toward the supply of energy for the betterment of society through our business activities.

Once again, we now embrace the challenge that comes with the world entering into a new era where society’s demands for energy are rapidly changing. We renew our commitment towards delivering energy resources that will strive to meet the demands of a changing society through our global expansion including the continued development of our geothermal business as one of the core group companies of Mitsui & Co.’s energy business value chain.


Create new business as “Professional of E&P and Geothermal”.


Move with initiative, be Open, Enthusiastically Challenge with Ownership


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